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Our Franchisees are our business partners. Their success is ours too. That’s why we’d like the people we work with to be as passionate about delivering as great a customer experience as we are. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.


What is required?

Candidates are required to meet the following criteria before being eligible to become a 7-Eleven Franchisee.

Be 21 years of
age or older

Have Australian

Demonstrate an excellent level of English literacy

Be successful in passing an Australian Federal Police check

Be available for a full time, unpaid, eight week training program

To be a successful Franchisee is all about following the management system provided by 7-Eleven.

Theresa Zhou Port Melbourne, Victoria

Investment required

An initial investment of between $400,000 and $1,000,000 + is what is required to become a 7-Eleven Franchisee, so it’s certainly a big decision to make.

Your initial investment is made up of the following four fees –

Payable to 7-Eleven

  • Franchise Fee
  • Initial Stock Payment
  • Application Fee

Payable to current Franchisee

  • Goodwill fee


The initial franchise fee will vary by store. The fee will be an amount determined by 7-Eleven. This fee is payable to 7-Eleven.

Initial payment for stock

The incoming Franchisee is required to make a minimum $45,000 contribution to the purchase of the existing merchandise stock in the store on the day they take possession. This fee is payable to 7-Eleven.

Application fee

An application fee of $5,500 is payable to 7-Eleven to cover the costs of administration, your 8 week training program (for 2 people) and uniforms.

Goodwill fee (existing store only)

In addition to the franchise fee paid to 7-Eleven, the purchase of an existing franchise will require a “goodwill” payment to be made to the selling Franchisee. The amount of the payment is determined through negotiation between the current Franchisee and the prospective Franchisee.

7-Eleven strongly encourages any prospective Franchisee to seek independent advice in regards to the value of any store they have expressed interest in purchasing.

Banking Partners

7-Eleven is in the business of retailing, not banking, that’s why we are not the ones to speak to for organising the finances of your investment.. Many banks and financial institutions will consider an application to purchase a business and you should make any enquiries with them.

Most banking partners will require you to have a minimum of 50% of the total value of the investment you’ll require, with them offering up to 50% of the balance of financing you’ll need. This is indicative only, and will vary depending on the bank and your personal circumstances.