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At 7-Eleven, we take a different approach to franchising than many others. We take care of the things that are a hassle about being a small business owner, and provide you with support every step of the way.

It’s this approach that has made us the success we are today.


Welcome to 7-Eleven Australia

7-Eleven is the largest petrol and convenience retailer in Australia, based on market share. The company is privately owned by the Withers and Barlow families, who have a license to operate and franchise 7-Eleven stores in Australia from the US based 7-Eleven Inc.

The first Australian store was opened in August 1977. Today 7-Eleven operates more than 670 stores in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

The 7-Eleven brand is loved for its famous range of proprietary and exclusive products, including Slurpee, Krispy Kreme, $1 coffee and Mobil fuels. Additionally there is a great range of convenience products and services such as a fresh Food on the Go go range,
7-Eleven ATM’s, Moneygram money transfer, gift cards and transport tickets, all available 24/7.

Through its store network, 7-Eleven conducts more than 180 million transactions a year, serving an average of six customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.9 billion.

Total Sales

FY 2011

$2,709 million

FY 2012

$3,149 million

FY 2013

$3,282 million

FY 2014

$3,666 million

FY 2015

$3,990 million

A bit about 7-Eleven Worldwide

What started out as an ice house in Dallas, Texas in 1927, has grown and evolved into the world’s largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores in the world.

Today, 7-Eleven is the world’s largest retailer, based on store numbers. Worldwide, 7-Eleven operates more than 53,500 stores in 18 countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, China (Hong Kong, Beijing & Shanghai), the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Australia.

7-Eleven continues to grow, with an average of 7 stores opening somewhere in the world every day. So get ready to be part of something big.

7 Eleven Worldwide

7-Eleven is the market leader, and we’re proud to be part of that.

Wijitha and Frances Perera Swanston Street, Melbourne

Enjoy Success

As a 7-Eleven franchisee you will share in the awards and accolades as we continue to be recognised for our excellence in franchising and retailing. This recognition reinforces that 7-Eleven is a smart and solid franchise investment.